It’s finally happened 8’v I typed ‘Eric Dempsey’ into my search tags.

I have now subconsciously started to see the actor as the character.

Well it has been a long day .A.

Anonymous whispered: A box appeared, within it was some chocolates and some wine.

He quirked an eyebrow with a carefree smile.

Something to share with Helga over many kisses in bed this morning.



“What?” she asked, looking up moodily from her pile of work. Her expression changed when she saw Eric there with his hands clasped behind his back. “What can I do for you Mr. Dumont?”

He shut the door behind him. “I have discussed some things with the council and cleared up the mess you helped cause,” he stated dryly, his tone of voice dripping with the quiet kind of control she feared in his species. “I’ve also discussed with the council your help in locating the subjects and we’ve decided we won’t execute you. However I would like to make it quite clear although you co-operated with us you inconvenienced me a great deal this past season. The nights I stayed up, the bodies I collected, the paper work I passed and filed. All because of your actions.”

“Actions I explained,” she argued, sliding back in her chair. “They promised me they’d find a cure, that I’d have the bite reversed-“

“Well they lied,” he replied coolly, the only testament of anger shown behind his smooth clear blue eyes that had deepened in colour.

Enough to show that he was threatened and hungry.

He took a form out of his coat jacket and set it down on her desk.

She gaped, “what the Hell is this?”

“Atonement.” It was purred in such a whisper that she stepped back. She could see now why he was so feared by the Family. The Hunters and Scientists that had gone after his Coven. “You need to learn something from this Ms. Van Helsing and that is that this breach of trust is unacceptable. I should turn you over to the authorities for conspiracy and misconduct within the school but I’m not going to ruin your career either I’m going to give you a warning and one simple request; I want you to be out of here. By morning. I never want to see you or smell you again or I will take what I know to the Chief of Police, Ms. Gottschalk and you will be arrested and thrown in jail with the other miscreants. Is that clear enough for you?”

She nodded, speechless.

“I expect your resignation on the Head Master’s desk by tomorrow morning. Enjoy your last night on duty here,” he snapped then turned to leave, turning his back on the Head of Lyonessa’s Security for what he hoped would be the very last time.