Name: Kain Fury

LA: Justin Bartha

Species: Reaper -  aid in the process of transporting souls from the physical world into the spiritual world. Reapers are neutral and do not participate in the ongoing struggle between Heaven and Hell. Reapers can however be controlled by an Angel or a Demon. Reapers can also be bound by a pendant and do the bidding of said sorcerer. Reapers are usually thought of as a humanoid skeleton wearing a tattered robe and wielding a scythe.

Reaper - Mythical Creatures Guide

Background: The so called “Dog” of Archangel Azrael, he does any work he pushes at him (which is the majority of it) without complaint (….at least he never voices them xD)

Teacher: ???? (unsure of what yet ^^;)

School: ??? (Unsure of what yet either)